dimanche 19 septembre 2010

L'Etrange Festival

Every year at the beginning of september, one of my favourite events takes place in Le forum des Images in Paris : L'Etrange Festival. This year, I was working for them and that was my very pleasure to be able to support them in a way. Of course, as every year, I saw a lot of great movies of every kind :

Aftermath : a very aesthetic vision of necrophilia

A serbian film : an ultraviolent mise en abyme about manipulation and prostitution of the soul

Eggshells : The very rare first movie of Tobe Hooper.
Soporific, unless you enjoy stoned hippies' conversations.

Noroi no yakata: Chi o sû me : beautiful japanese movie from the seventies

He who gets slapped : a very moving silent film, with incredible actor Lon Chaney

Lemmy : vey cool documentary for all Motorhead's and rock'n roll fans

The unknown : Great silent movie with Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford

Oil City Confidential : documentary about Dr Feelgood and Canvey.
By the director of A great rock'n roll swindle

Suck : Hilarious vampire movie in the rock industry.
With Malcom McDowell as Eddie Van Helsing.

The Runaways : beautiful biopic on the first female rock band.
Great Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett.

Thriller : very aesthetic swedish "rape and revenge" from the seventies

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