mercredi 31 mars 2010


Here's a sneak peek of the news to come in store tomorrow :

mercredi 17 mars 2010


Here's a sneak peek of the news to come in store tomorrow :

mardi 16 mars 2010

Suede dress

New look on :

This dress will be in store on thursday for a week! Don't miss it!


Hello friends,
I've just took part in a contest on Hypeed. Support us by voting!

lundi 15 mars 2010

Mc Queen Fall/Winter 2010

I'm in love with Mc Queen's last collection.

The golden feathers coat dress is a piece of art. And I would sell my soul for the Bosch printed dress and the feather mohawk headpiece...
The structures and fabrics are amazing, and I love the prints and rich embroideries.
And I'm not talking about the shoes...

Could you now find the peace.

dimanche 14 mars 2010

Fuck'n roll

Hey folks!

This is pretty strange to me to have a blog, I kinda have the impress to give myself up to Big Brother, uhuh. But you were so many to ask for it that you gave us no choice. That's why I wanna ask you to go easy on me and my poor (but I guess understandable) English.

So after those usual warnings, I think I should use this first post to explain the name of this blog.

"Mistress of taboo" is the name of a song of The Plasmatics, whose singer Wendy O'Williams's one of our favourite style icon, at Armageddon Couture.

I can already hear your sarcasms : "But...she's not wearing a lot of fabric?!" Ahaha. No, she's not!
But what she's got more than fabric is an ATTITUDE, and that's what WE think is STYLE.

She's a true post-apocalyptic fetish punk Amazon!
But I let you now enjoy a video that will be better than words :


Hello boys and girls and welcome to the Armageddon Couture blog!
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This blog is a work in progress : we still have to add links and arrange things. But we hope you'll enjoy your stay, and don't forget to share your impressions with us!

Howdy folks, et bienvenue sur le blog d'Armageddon Couture!
Vous trouverez ici toutes les nouveautés de notre boutique Ebay, mais aussi nos découvertes, des bribes de notre vie, l'envers du décor, ainsi que nos innombrables source d'inspiration - musique, mode, cinéma, photo, ART!
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