dimanche 14 mars 2010

Fuck'n roll

Hey folks!

This is pretty strange to me to have a blog, I kinda have the impress to give myself up to Big Brother, uhuh. But you were so many to ask for it that you gave us no choice. That's why I wanna ask you to go easy on me and my poor (but I guess understandable) English.

So after those usual warnings, I think I should use this first post to explain the name of this blog.

"Mistress of taboo" is the name of a song of The Plasmatics, whose singer Wendy O'Williams's one of our favourite style icon, at Armageddon Couture.

I can already hear your sarcasms : "But...she's not wearing a lot of fabric?!" Ahaha. No, she's not!
But what she's got more than fabric is an ATTITUDE, and that's what WE think is STYLE.

She's a true post-apocalyptic fetish punk Amazon!
But I let you now enjoy a video that will be better than words :

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